Betta Living Kitchens Reviews

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Rating: 1.9/5 (76 votes cast)

Kitchen Units Information: Betta Living Kitchens

Betta Living Kitchens Website:

Dean House, Suthers Street, Oldham, OL9 7TH
General Enquires: 0808 149 3467

Betta living are a UK based home improvements company established in 1966 and specialising in fitted kitchens and bedrooms.

Market Position: Mid Market
Kitchen Unit Quality: Good – Excellent
Price Fitted: £10k+
Supply Only: Available

Designer Training: Yes, residential course
Designer Qualifications: No
Designer Status: Self employed, commission only
Commission rate: 7-10% (estimated)

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Rating: 1.9/5 (76 votes cast)
Betta Living Kitchens Reviews, 1.9 out of 5 based on 76 ratings

9 User Reviews and Comments - Betta Living Kitchens Reviews

  1. andy says:

    Avoid this company!!!paid 14k for kitchen worth £2k and waiting 2ys for fight them back for my money!!!-saleman was late arround 6pm(booked 4.30pm) and stayed for 7h!!!-left 1am-lie to us and missold this kitchen to take his bonus!!!

  2. paul francombe says:

    I’ve just had one of their salesmen round and have placed an order for a new kitchen. The salesman was very pleasant and came across as genuine. The sample unit he showed me seemed of a high standard and the price was a lot better than B&Q or Homebase.
    I’m currently awaiting a surveyor to come out so I thought I would check the company out online. I was surprised to see the above comments and it has left me slightly worried but I’ve read numerous reviews about their fitters being really good. So…as long as I end up with the kitchen that’s been designed for me and the cost remains the same then I can’t really see there being an issu.
    I will keep you informed….

  3. MWaldram says:

    After reading mostly positive reviews, I rang this company and arranged a visit for a new kitchen quote. I was told that both partners had to be present during the visit as it was company policy.

    The visit was arranged for Tuesday evening and we both rushed in from work to be ready. At 5.50pm, someone rang from Bettaliving to say that the salesman was running a few minutes late but when I asked exactly how many minutes she replied, “At least 30!” Although we were still waiting to have dinner, we agreed to wait until 6.30pm. At 6.30pm still nobody had arrived but we received a call to say the salesman was not going to make it as there was just “too much water on the road.” It had been raining during the afternoon but had stopped hours before so I thought this excuse was pathetic. Against my better judgement I agreed to re book the visit for the Friday afternoon at 2pm. My husband left work early (unpaid) to be there as well but guess what?-they did not arrive or call to say why they had failed to show for the third time. Funnily enough it was raining again at 2pm so perhaps they could not get the ark through the rain or the salesman has hydrophobia!

    My only consolation is that we found out how unreliable these people were before we parted with any money. If they failed to show up three times before the installation, how many times would we have been let down when waiting for an installation?

    Our advice is to stay well clear and find a more reliable company.

  4. Michael k says:

    This would be the last company I would use! had a quote a year ago, boy it was an unpleasant experience. Pushy, uneducated 80’s type sales guy! Avoid!

  5. Sonia says:

    I’d give money to a stranger in need, I give monthly to a charity, I am generous soul BUT I get very annoyed at being scammed! In my experience, Betta Living promises whatever you want but the reality is different. I’m surprised at how desperate they seem to get a hold of your money. And talking to the various managers, it’s like a well-oiled con machine. Beware! Once Betta Living get a hold of it, you’re not getting it back!! Take your money and go somewhere reliable where Terms and Conditions are upheld!

  6. Happy Camper says:

    I decided to have a new kitchen but really did not know who to choose from there are so many companies advertising. By chance a lady was promoting this company in a local shopping centre. I an so very pleased that I stopped and booked an appointment.

    The first visit was made very easy the rep helped me choose my kitchen. Secondly the surveyor called and drew the plans up on his computer for me to get a better look.

    Finally the two fitters came out and ripped the old kitchen out, in all of one day. They even went the extra mile and took out my appliances for me and removed all the wall and floor tiles as I am on my own and had struggled to get them off!

    Danny and Rik then just took the next day to get most of the kitchen in, finally the last day was only a few hours to get everything back in its place and the cooker connected.

    The end result is amazing, the quality of the kitchen is 100 percent and very good value for money! You worry about the mess and inconvenience of having a new kitchen but this company takes it all away.

    Thank you Betta living for a truly fantastic new kitchen but most of all a HUGE THANK YOU to Danny and Rik who worked extremely hard the whole time that they were here.

    I would thoroughly recommend this company and their fabulous workmen : )

    • Ed says:

      Nonsense. You’re employed by them and you know it. How did you find this site? Why did you find this site? Stop wasting peoples time

  7. Imran says:

    My advice would be to stay away from betta living, they have far too pushy salesmen and we have had problems with our kitchen… trying to get them to come back to fix it is proving very difficult!

  8. Mr & Mrs Amison says:

    I’ve had lots of jobs done on my house by other people but I can honestly say this one is the best I would highly recommend them.

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