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Tesco Kitchens Contact Details:

Tesco Kitchens Website: TescoKitchens.com

Tesco Kitchens / Mark Two,

Bury Industrial Estate, Bury Road,

General Enquiries: 0845 8630 821

About Tesco Kitchens

Tesco Kitchens offer a fully fitted kitchen service from design
through to installation. Their website is easy to use and gives you
the choice to browse by colour, range and style.

Their cabinets are guaranteed for 25 or 15 years depending on the
range and are all 18mm. The ranges are split between ‘Value’ and
‘Designer’ kitchens, so there is something to suit all budgets. Ranges
include traditional, modern, shaker, country, small, farmhouse and
several other styles.

A bonus of buying a Tesco Kitchen is that you can receive Clubcard
points, relevant to the size of the purchase

Tesco Kitchens Stats

Market Position: DIY-Middle Market
Kitchen Unit Quality: Good – Very Good
Price Fitted: £5k+
Supply Only: Available

Designer Training: Yes
Designer Qualifications: Yes
Designer Status: Self Employed
Commission rate: (estimated) 6%

Note: Tesco Kitchens are not made or sold by Tesco – they are marketed and supplied under license by Mark Two Distributors Limited

Tesco Kitchens Reviews and ratings:

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Rating: 3.7/5 (286 votes cast)
Tesco Kitchens Reviews, 3.7 out of 5 based on 286 ratings

103 User Reviews and Comments - Tesco Kitchens Reviews

  1. Granville says:

    I think it all when wrong when I said “Yes Ill have it” The kitchen was installed and the fitter left. The gas pipe which he left was to be buried under concrete, I am told it should have been sleeved and broke gas safe regulations, as well as the plinths under the cupboards which were too near the gas hob again breaking gas safe regulations. The fridge and freezer doors did not have end panels fitted and he has thrown away the plastic trims that fit inside the doors. The worktops were scratched and he cut the up stands too short. Big holes were left in the walls where he hacked out plaster for wiring and was never finished off. The board round the cooker hood was flush one side but had a gap in it where you could fit your finger on the other side. The fridge and freezer doors did not open properly and banged into the doors next to them. He managed to put a screw through the gloss white door bulging the face. The sink let water down the side of it into the cupboard beneath.
    After Four months of emails and phone calls trying to get someone to come and sort it out, a proper fitter turned up and managed to sort out some of the work, this is when I found out that the Kitchen that was planned and fitted by Tesco Kitchens just did not fit into the room space we had and never will, so I have asked them to come and fetch back their goods
    I did not expect to be treated like this by Tesco they are usually very good with customer care.
    While waiting the four months for someone to come and put it right they managed to send some parts ready for the fitters visit, it took them three attempts to send the right replacement door for the screw damage one, I had to find the part number for them and email it to them as I was fed up with waiting in for deliveries and getting the wrong bits. Just before the second fitter turned up they ordered the wrong bits for the side of the fridge.
    Not sure if the links will work but here are a few of the videos I took so you can see for yourself what you get from Tesco Kitchens.
    Tesco Kitchen 1
    Tesco Kitchen 2
    Tesco Kitchen 3

  2. Mick says:

    No problems from start to finish other than clearing the rubbish skip away which took a further week after completion. Fitters excellent, completed on time

  3. Moira Winder says:

    Our experience was not good. It is also very interesting to note that positive reviews have suddenly appeared in the last few weeks.
    Our installation took 5 weeks. All delays were the result of inadequate design specifications by Mark Two . They removed our installer for two weeks because the wrong sink unit had been ordered by the designer- they couldn’t even manage to get the right one and sent a wrongly sized one twice. They left us for two weeks without cooking facilities or drinking water.
    We are now in dispute with them the CRB have advised us they are in breach of contract under the consumer act.
    Don’t take any notice of the above reviews. Their installer is fantastic, the rest are mediocre.

    • Amy says:

      Hello Moira,

      I’m really sorry to read about your experience. It is clear that we have let you down in a number of ways and caused unnecessary inconvenience to you.

      I can only begin to imagine your disappointment and frustration during and since your project and I am sorry that we made what should be a pleasant and exciting experience very negative.

      I am now investigating your project to ensure that all issues that arose during your project are looked into and if there is anything that I can help or assist you with, please let me know.

      Thank you once again for your feedback.

      Many apologies,
      Amy at Tesco Kitchens

  4. Chris Rennie says:

    I stumbled across the fact that Tesco ‘do’ kitchens quite by accident. A number of other firms had previously let us down. A kitchen designer from Tesco came to our house, and was quite imaginative with a fairly limited space. The kitchen was fitted in eight days, which did include some extra work with electrics, plastering and tiling. The whole procedure was carried out with the minimum of disruption, the quality of workmanship by our fitter, Mario, was first class. On the odd occasion where a minor glitch occurred, it was quickly resolved by our kitchen champion. We are very pleased with the finished product. The units seem to be robustly constructed and durable, even though we only went for one of the mid range units.

    I was a little disappointed with the quality of the worktops and sink unit. Both seem to get scratched very easily, to the extent I have had to invest in a draining board cover. The only other irksome issue was that the new kitchen was delivered on Friday, although the installation was not due to start until Monday. This was inconvenient to say the least, as the contents of the old kitchen had already been crated and boxed up, and stacked up in the lounge and dining room. It made for a very uncomfortable and cramped weekend.

    However that said, I would certainly recommend Tesco to family and friends.

  5. Melanie says:

    The whole process was very smoothly implemented, from start to finish.

    I initially received a visit from a Tesco kitchen designer who not only understood what I wanted, but also offered helpful advice to design my new kitchen even more effectively. The designer’s knowledge was invaluable to me. A particularly helpful aspect was seeing samples of units doors and worktops in my kitchen, so I could be sure my choice would suit the style and lighting of the room.

    The plan and quote were created in the same visit, so I was not left waiting. I was able to keep my existing appliances, as the only new appliance I wanted was an oven and hob.

    I was informed of the process and what to expect from the start, and received phone calls and emails from my project manager, informing me of updates. This really helped me to understand what was happening, and allowed me to plan for the week when my kitchen would be fitted.

    I also received a visit for my kitchen fitter and surveyor, who confirmed the finer details, and made the adjustments necessary for my new kitchen. I was able to choose the week I wanted for the fitting of my new kitchen from a choice of two available weeks.
    The kitchen fitter was unobtrusive within my home, and I was able to go about my usual routine whist he was hard at work!

  6. Jon Noble says:

    I had my Tesco kithen installed in September and have been enjoying it ever since.

    The project was managed in a very efficient way and progress moved quickly. The installer was very good and did the whole job (including a re-wire) in a working week.

    The units are not top spec but feel sturdy and look good.

    I have recommended Tesco kitchens to several friends.

  7. Donkeys says:

    I was nervous about having a kitchen refit with two small children, but our fitter was great. He worked so hard and checked lots of detail along the way. He didn’t accept a cuppa or biscuit the whole time and has done a wonderful job! He was very professional. I left him in a fair bit on his own which I felt very comfortable about and the fitting is 1st class. We did end up with an extra plinth that Tesco’s refunded no quibble… My only criticism would be that we had several people on our project from the admin side of things and that made it a bit tricky to communicate.

  8. Phil Hartwell says:

    Thank you Tesco for transforming our horrible old kitchen into a beautiful new one! From the initial design through to the installation everything went smoothly. The fitters arrived early each day and cleared up afterwards, they even fitted my new light for me when I asked. The tiling of the walls and floor are of the highest standard and it looks lovelier than we imagined! Would highly recommend to friends, am looking foward to receiving my club points as well, another great bonus! The only critiscism I will make is that the kitchen had to be delivered a few days prior to installation as I was advised there were only 2 delivery days in my area and living in a small 2 bedroom house it meant our living room and kitchen were full to the ceiling with boxes and appliances. It was very neatly stacked up though and the cat found it amusing to climb over so no real big deal and now I have my stunning new kitchen which I can’t stay out of! Fantastic quality, great value for money and brilliant customer service. What more could you ask for?

  9. Dana says:

    From the kitchen designer through to the survey and installation all went very well The installation team in particular were very good and they even cleaned up after every day!!! The kitchen was as described and we are very pleased with the final result
    The only negative side was the collection of the waste generated from the original kitchen removal The Hippo bag provided was obviously not big enough as the rubbish was spilling over the top of the bag by day 3 and all over my driveway at completion I was originally given a 3 day collection of the waste which did not occur I found it was pretty well left up to me to chase up The waste was collected nearly 2 weeks after completion

    • Amy says:

      Hello Dana,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s always great for us to hear exactly how we did and how we can continue to improve.

      Did you know that each time you recommend us you could earn a £250 Tesco gift card?

      I’m very sorry about the issues you faced with the removal of waste, once your fitting was complete.
      This is something we’re definitely looking to improve with Hippo. It’s never nice to be left with the rubbish for too long, so I can understand your disappointment and I will make sure your comments are passed to the rest of the team.

      Once again, thank you very much for your feedback – we hope you enjoy your new kitchen for years to come!

      Happy customers make us happy.
      Amy at Tesco Kitchens

  10. Moira Winder says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We have an unfinished kitchen with a two week wait because our designer made mistakes. Including : the wrong door size; the wrong sized sink; the wrong sized work tops.
    They have withdrawn our excellent installer to offset any complaints from the next job – ours was a week late starting. They offered us a small sized very nasty dishwasher to get over the sink problem with the comment that “After all, there are only three of you.” With customer care like this they don’t deserve to be in business.
    The CBA have advised us they are in breach of contract.

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