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Tesco Kitchens Contact Details:

Tesco Kitchens Website: TescoKitchens.com

Tesco Kitchens / Mark Two,

Bury Industrial Estate, Bury Road,

General Enquiries: 0845 8630 821

About Tesco Kitchens

Tesco Kitchens offer a fully fitted kitchen service from design
through to installation. Their website is easy to use and gives you
the choice to browse by colour, range and style.

Their cabinets are guaranteed for 25 or 15 years depending on the
range and are all 18mm. The ranges are split between ‘Value’ and
‘Designer’ kitchens, so there is something to suit all budgets. Ranges
include traditional, modern, shaker, country, small, farmhouse and
several other styles.

A bonus of buying a Tesco Kitchen is that you can receive Clubcard
points, relevant to the size of the purchase

Tesco Kitchens Stats

Market Position: DIY-Middle Market
Kitchen Unit Quality: Good – Very Good
Price Fitted: £5k+
Supply Only: Available

Designer Training: Yes
Designer Qualifications: Yes
Designer Status: Self Employed
Commission rate: (estimated) 6%

Note: Tesco Kitchens are not made or sold by Tesco – they are marketed and supplied under license by Mark Two Distributors Limited

Tesco Kitchens Reviews and ratings:

VN:F [1.9.16_1159]
Rating: 3.7/5 (326 votes cast)
Tesco Kitchens Reviews, 3.7 out of 5 based on 326 ratings

111 User Reviews and Comments - Tesco Kitchens Reviews

  1. Lesley holt says:

    I ordered a kitchen the start of July this year I waited a mouth for it to be delivered when the kitchen fitter open It it was the wrong one so it went back. Mark two phone me to say the kitchen I ordered thay don’t do in the gloss I had to order a different kitchen. Mark two call me to say it will be installed in September the 18th a day before the kitchen was ment to be arriving I call them to say everything still going ahead thay didn’t no what I was talking about thay said we have no fitters at the mo it will be October the 15th I couldn’t believe what I was hearing its mad me I’ll. that day finally arrives no kitchen the kitchen fitters turn up the kitchen arrived the following day. The fitters done a weeks work then pulled of I had half a kitchen. I had no help what so ever with mark two I thought I bought a tesco kitchen not a mark two I phoned tesco direct to tell them what going on all thay said you have to sort it out with mark two I still have half a kitchen and we are in November now. Mark two phoned me today two day to say we are no longer dealing with your kitchen as tesco has left us I can’t believe this. I got some much more I could say by time I finished I would of made a book.

  2. s.hughes says:

    So Tesco have finally pulled the plug on Mark Two. wonder if that means they are going to also pull the plug on all their dissatisfied, unhappy customers.. their subcontracted fitters etc. etc. the knock on effect of this is going to be immense…
    Come on Tesco, man up and face up to your responsibilities, you allowed this travesty of a company licence to use your good name… you admitted on the ‘Don’t get done get Dom’ programme that we are ‘your customers’ in the statement you had Dom read out at the end of the programme, so don’t ignore us… get your customer care team onto that helpline and show that just perhaps you do ‘care’ after all. . ‘every little helps’

  3. Pat Woolley says:

    I made an appointment for Tesco Kitchens to come tomorrow morning, yesterday they left a message on my answer phone to say they are no longer in business! I had already booked time off work. They are still advertising on the web. Tesco should be ashamed to be associated with this company.

  4. Michelle Regan says:

    I ordered a kitchen from tesco kitchens as I thought it was a reputable company. How wrong was I. I have had nothing but trouble with them as I have to deal with mark two who don’t know their arse from their elbow. Goods turned up damaged, appliances were dropped and glass fronts turned up smashed to bits. That’s when they eventually turned up to deliver it. This company doesn’t care about problems you have and have Dr
    I very people who have no idea how to be careful with your products. I advise not to use them.

  5. Keith Roberts says:

    For a start these are nothing to do with Tesco, they are licensed and Tesco want nothing to do with any problems that may arise as I found out. Dates were changed without us being aware, fitters came and asked what they were supposed to be doing, no-one talked to each other and frankly my wife and I were totally dismayed, two replacement microwaves later, damaged corner unit replaced, as I said in my title, the fit took more than 9 weeks from start to finish and I wish I had never heard of Marktwo kitchens aka Tesco kitchens, my aunt way going to buy a kitchen from them and I advised her to go elsewhere. I wish I had known they were nothing to do with Tesco, as I thought I was dealing with a reputable well know national company.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I’ve never had such an appalling experience in my life. The Director of Customer Service – Mr Darren Cunliffe – Well I’ve never spoken to anyone so ignorant before who had absolutley no care whatsoever for the customers!!

    Been without a kitchen now for almost 2 months. Had 4 different deliveries of various items, new ones are still damaged!! Sent the wrong sink and then couldnt offer me an alternative so Ive had to order elsewhere and the same with the worktops!! Funnily enough though they still havent sent me the refund for those items. Darren also would not accept my cancellation of the kitchen because it was too late…..even though all the delays were due to them sending damaged items, replacing the wrong items, not providing the items in the design etc etc. On top of it all, made a complaint to Tesco themselves and they want nothing to do with it and say they cannot help…Why did I buy from TESCO Kitchens if TESCO arnt willing to help. Customer serivce appalling, every time I call the specific person doesnt answer and all the promises to call or email back never happen. Its forever chasing and its been an absolute nightmare. How difficult is it just to communicate with your customers!! Thank god I didnt have them fit the kitchen too after the reviews I have read!

    I urge anyone who is thinking of buying a Tesco Kitchen just to do a bit of research first and read peoples reviews because after only reading them now I can see that I should never have bought it.


  7. Pauline says:

    Entering tenth week of trying to sort out electrics and fitter’s mis-measured mistakes. Getting nowhere fast.

    • kim james says:

      My Kitchen was badly installed in 2012′ since May this year after a survey its agreed that most of the kitchen will be replaced, units delivered but still waiting no fitters> THE WORST THING I EVER DID, DONT BUY A TESCO KITCHEN BE WARNED!!

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