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Wren Kitchens Contact Details:

Wren Kitchens Website: WrenKitchens.com

Wren Kitchens Ltd,

Ferry Road, Howden,
North Humberside,
DN14 7UW

General Enquiries: 0845 404 1000

About Wren Kitchens

Wren is Britain’s fastest growing kitchen company – one of Britain’s retail success stories, with a phenomenal record of growth and a roll out of new stores that has seen them become a market sector leader in a relatively short space of time.

Wren Kitchens supply fully assembled quality kitchen cabinets at flat pack prices. Fully built kitchen units mean considerably fewer boxes than flat pack kitchens and no missing parts, with each cabinet being built to order. It also speeds up the construction time of a kitchen project meaning your kitchen is completed quicker with less disruption in your home.

The name Wren Kitchens may be new, but the team who bring you Wren Kitchens have been leading the way in kitchen manufacturing in the UK and US for 35 years.

Wren Kitchen Stats

Market Position: Mid Market
Kitchen Unit Quality: good
Price Fitted: from £4000
Supply Only: yes

Designer Training: yes
Designer Qualifications: no
Designer Status: employed with bonuses
Commission rate: n/a

Wren Kitchens Reviews and Ratings

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Rating: 2.3/5 (413 votes cast)
Wren Kitchens Reviews, 2.3 out of 5 based on 413 ratings

44 User Reviews and Comments - Wren Kitchens Reviews

  1. Jerry Gardner says:

    dealing with Wren has been a very frustrating, stressfull experience for me,.
    I sincerely wish I’d seen review websites like this one before I went to Wren,.
    I work in the building trade and now I keep telling anyone and everyone to steer clear of them and to steer other people clear of them,
    to be honest, I think I can see where the same problems that keep cropping up lie,
    I think their manufacturing & distribution depot is primarily at fault,
    I was sent several units with missing pieces, and some tiems were the wrong colour,.
    now,. several months later,. I’m still chasing Wren to give me the proper missing parts ( an all too common problem in these reviews )
    I’m feeling very upset, angry, frustrated and extremely stressed by their incompetence and total lack of customer care.

    I’ve spent a lot of petrol money and a lot of my time having to travel back and forwards to their store in Hamilton to keep dropping-off yet another botched attempt at giving me the correct doors and drawers that were missing from the original order that came months ago,.
    I’ve been on the end of obvious lies and excuses and pathetic explanations about why I’ve been given the wrong items,.
    I mean GUYS,.. this is ALL you do, supply kitchen units to people,. it’s a finite range, and yet you still can’t seem to give anyone the correct order which they’ve already paid for,.
    I just wonder how long these people can go on getting it so wrong time after time after time,.
    on my latest visit, and elderly couple were walking out the store as I was going in and I told them to cancel any order they might havce placed and to go elsewhere,
    I was even asking the fitters (who were doing up their showroom kitchens in the store) how many doors they had missing from the showrrom they were fitting, and they answered “how did you know?”

    I’m still dealing with Wren just now, and it’s stressing me out and upsetting me no end,
    I just want my kitchen finsihed / usable after promises and spending a small fortune on it.

  2. John tansley says:

    Having had my own building company for over 30 years , I retired and lived abroad for some considerable time ,I decided to return to the UK bought a house and undertook considerable alterations , including a new kitchen , unfortunately I had not seen this site and purchased a kitchen from wren .
    I don’t really know where to start , I can only say their showrooms appear quite good , what a pity the service and quality of their products and after sales don’t .
    I may have well built the kitchen my self due to the poor quality of their units which are basically put together with a staple gun , and dowels , they do not

  3. Andy Young says:

    I am in the throes of installing a Wren kitchen for a very unfortunate couple in Worthing who have been duped into purchasing what should be,if ever completed a very nice kitchen.
    I can honestly say that in my 20 years of fitting kitchens and bathrooms this shower of s**t is in a class of it’s own when it comes to bad service !.
    It would be unfair to call it after sales service as it doesn’t exist at all,if they do ever answer voicemail messages or emails they either “don’t understand” or come up with a complete pile of bull***t.
    Their regional sales manager stood in the kitchen two weeks ago and assured our mutual customer that all of the problems would be resolved within the same week and that they take there “commitment to customer service” extremely seriously.
    Two weeks later they finally delivered the items in question and guess what – delivered exactly the same items that were wrong in the first place and still not enough cornice to finish the job.
    I am going to complete the job by hook or by crook tomorrow,probably have to visit Howdens and buy some materials so we can get job done for both mmy own and my customers sanity.
    Anyone buying from Wren should be certified INSANE-don’t do it !

  4. Rhys says:

    Where to start!

    We went to the Lakeside branch on opening weekend. Spoke to a designer who came and measured up. Went back the next day and sat with him for 3 hours. Had to come back 3rd day to finish off. Liked the design etc and went away with a price.

    Came back a little while later to find that designer had “left” and had to sit with another who then spent another 2 hours re inputting our details and trying to find the designs as we wanted to change bits.

    Went away to compare to other companies pricing etc as they “guarantee to match or beat any quote”. Got a good deal from a competitor so went back and forth with the Wren designer in order to compare. Eventually got told over the phone by the tore manager that they would match the quote I had so we went in that weekend to put deposit down and finalise.

    When we arrived we were informed that the designer AND manager had “left” that morning. We sat down with yet ANOTHER designer and went over the same things again. I explained we had come in to pay deposit and he had the agreed price from the previous manager in front of him. He asked us to give him ten minutes to check over everything, so we went for a walk around the store.

    We came back after the ten minutes to be told that they could not do at the agreed price and it would cost an EXTRA £2,500!!! Needless to say I was not amused. When I asked for head office details to formally complain, I was told there was no phone or email, only an address to write to.

    I asked for the new manager to complain in store who then turned out to be the area manager. He was less then helpful and would not move on the price. He then went on to call the MD apparently who agreed with him and would not honour the previous managers deal which was clearly written in front of him.

    By this point I’d had enough and had lost my temper so left with the new price break down to cool off.

    In order for me to start again with other kitchen companies would have cost time which I didn’t have so decided to remove appliances and work tops in order to bring the cost down. This brought the cost down enough for me to go back and secure the deal still needing a washing machine, oven and work tops.

    Another designer came over to arrange deposit and finance.

    A week before the kutchen was due to turn up, I had repeated calls saying the balance was due despite telling all that I had the finance in place. This eventually got resolved with a new designer,Bill, he came to my house so I could sign new paper work.

    The kitchen arrived just over a week ago. One door was damaged, was missing feet and the designers had left off the curved plinths. Thankfully Bill helped to resolve and all is now sorted.

    One thing that Wren never mentioned in all this, the timber kitchen I bought was fr from this. The only parts of actual wood are the frames on the doors. The rest is either MDF or chip board.

    I have not finished fitting this kitchen yet but will update should anything else go wrong!!!

    Overall, I should have gone elsewhere but had no more time to start the process again. This company has caused no end of stress and still need to buy the parts I had to remove in order to bring the costs down!


    Since initially writing this review I have been contacted by Wren to try and resolve as I have written an ACTUAL review on there customer service.

    They promised me a call back in the morning which they did but couldn’t speak so asked to call later. They didn’t.

    They called again the next day so spoke to the store manager and regional manager but as he was driving, he kept cutting out. I said to arrange a meet instead to talk about everything.

    Yet again, no reply. I called the branch to speak to the manager who was in a meeting and was promised a call from the regional manager that night. Yet again, nothing.

    I eventually got a call from ANOTHER branch manager as the other was off sick and got told they would look into why my initial price I was offered was not honoured and come back with an offer to fix everything.

    I just had the call back and the price was an extra £3000 on top of my original agreed price.

    I urge anyone considering using Wren kitchens not too and to look elsewhere unless you want endless chasing and grief and rubbish customer service!

    • Janet Gibbard says:

      We have been to the Lakeside shop and have paid up in full for a kitchen we have had nothing but problems with items being left off the order, which we were told were included in the price these being sink taps magic corner cupboard and being told that there would be another £400. if we wanted the magic corner cupboard which on the very first visit to the store each visit to the store trying to sorte out the problems have been between two and three hours and here two and a half weeks later we still do not know if all the missing items have been included, also still awaiting call back from area manager to confirm if kitchen has been ordered and a delivery date. Have left a message for the divisional manager to ring me.

  5. lyndi ford-mcnicol says:

    I have just paid a £500 deposit for a Wren kitchen, at the design stage, please advise, as I do not wish any hassle as I have M/E and would be unable to cope with extra stress.Stirling store in question, Any advice would be helpful, especially if you have bought through this store. Cheers Lyndi

    • Eric says:

      Hello! A couple of points to raise. Firstly, as you may have read elsewhere, the cabinets you will receive are NOT the same as those in the showroom. They now have inferior back panels, drawer boxes and all round costcutting measures. Secondly, in most cases, the doors and drawer fronts will be of dramatically inferior quality to those in the showroom.In conclusion, being conned like this would be stressful for anyone ( I assume you didn’t read reviews BEFORE buying from Wren?). Thirdly, any discount or deal you secured is available all year round. So you’ve been lied to. I’m sorry to perhaps cause worry or stress by telling you all of this, but panic not, you ARE entitled to your £500 back so do yourself a favour, save any further grief and cancel asap.

      • lyndi ford-mcnicol says:

        Hi Eric, Many thanks for your reply dated 28th April 2013. I have got to say, I will be calling Wren for a refund of my £500 tomorrow, as I am unable to find any good news regarding this company. Unfortunately having a chronic illness, does not support any future stress from updating my kitchen,. Basically gone off the whole idea. Once again your reply is very much appreciated.I have read another four reviews from Trustpilot website, One was posted 15 minutes ago, all 4 are poor reviews, Too risky. Best regards Lyndi.

        • Eric says:

          You’re welcome. Hopefully you’ll get your refund back promptly because that is another lie they tell. Often it can take weeks.

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