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Wren Kitchens Contact Details:

Wren Kitchens Website: WrenKitchens.com

Wren Kitchens Ltd,

Ferry Road, Howden,
North Humberside,
DN14 7UW

General Enquiries: 0845 404 1000

About Wren Kitchens

Wren is Britain’s fastest growing kitchen company – one of Britain’s retail success stories, with a phenomenal record of growth and a roll out of new stores that has seen them become a market sector leader in a relatively short space of time.

Wren Kitchens supply fully assembled quality kitchen cabinets at flat pack prices. Fully built kitchen units mean considerably fewer boxes than flat pack kitchens and no missing parts, with each cabinet being built to order. It also speeds up the construction time of a kitchen project meaning your kitchen is completed quicker with less disruption in your home.

The name Wren Kitchens may be new, but the team who bring you Wren Kitchens have been leading the way in kitchen manufacturing in the UK and US for 35 years.

Wren Kitchen Stats

Market Position: Mid Market
Kitchen Unit Quality: good
Price Fitted: from £4000
Supply Only: yes

Designer Training: yes
Designer Qualifications: no
Designer Status: employed with bonuses
Commission rate: n/a

Wren Kitchens Reviews and Ratings

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Rating: 2.4/5 (507 votes cast)
Wren Kitchens Reviews, 2.4 out of 5 based on 507 ratings

75 User Reviews and Comments - Wren Kitchens Reviews

  1. David Mwanaka says:

    Bought a kitchen from Wren early 2015. 2016 kitchen not fitted. Company from Hell. Staff rude and unprofessional. Buy their kitchens and join list of complaining customers. WRECK KITCHENS is an appropriate name for the company.

  2. rosemary says:

    Been without a kitchen now since 09/06/2015 that’s no cooking facilities whatsoever no sink in kitchen.

    I have 2 pieces of paper showing different amounts outstanding and Finance agreement showing another amount outstanding Yet no explanation from Wren or Barclays even I know the finance agreement is supposed to match with my paper work after all I have it in black and white in reply to Trading Standards because they would not reply to me they where all given to me at point of sale? I was sent an email on the 22 July 2015 which was well into our complaint which they said I was given at point of sale showing amount outstanding or £0.00 so why did I sign finance agreement why no explanation from Barclays or Wren why could the financial ombudsman not make a decisions until the kitchen had been inspected by the Furniture Ombudsman independent designer is this because Wren told everyone we had rang on numerous occasions asking for fitting advice and that we had damaged the goods and that it would not fit because my husband was not a qualified kitchen fitter and that it would fit with what we had and now we have proved that all wrong kitchen still in boxes we only open a few and my unqualified husband knew straight away it was wrong so didn’t even try ( well done Brian) So why have we still no decision on this kitchen the finance agreement alone is illegal

    Wren have now admitted emails never sent letters never sent some but still no answers from Wren or Barclays why it is showing amount outstanding of £0.00 is it me that’s lost the plot or is Wren, Barclays or the financial ombudsman.

    So if you want stress, boxes all over your home sleepless nights headache lied and the rest then go to Wren Living for your kitchen

  3. markdunn says:

    We contacted Wren to fit a kitchen after we purchased our new house.

    A woman from the Aintree Showroom came and had a look at our existing kitchen layout so that she could put together a design for us.

    When we went to the showroom on the 25th November we where given a design that we liked and told the price would be £7500 with a fair chunk of that going to installation that they couldn’t discount. Having just moved into a new house and with a newborn baby this was a little pricey for me but after haggling they dropped that price to just below £5,900. That’s £1,600 they where willing to drop from the bill just through not taking their first quote.

    So I pay my 10% and was told I’d have to wait till January 14th for Installation which was a bit of a letdown because I wanted this done before Christmas but figured it would be worth the wait.

    Cut forward to 2 weeks later and Wren arrange to have our installer come and look at the kitchen. At this point he presents a price sheet and is suprised that we have not been shown it before, he quotes it would cost an extra £2,800 for them to fit the kitchen design that Wren has sold me.

    Obviously I can’t believe this, after all, they knew in the showroom that I didn’t have that money and having already seen my kitchen before designing a layout they must have known what work needed doing.

    On my visit back to the showroom, I find myself once again haggling over the jobs that I can do myself to bring the costs down, this still leaves me with an extra £1,200 bill that I can’t afford. I tell them that they will need to cancel my order if they can’t deliver on their original quote, they tell me they will see what they can do.

    A week passes by and I have no further contact, I phone and ask for an update and receive a call back the following day from a man who apologises that they weren’t forthcoming with their extra costs and offers to split the cost leaving me with £600 to pay. £600 I don’t have. I tell them once again to cancel my order if they can’t do it for their original price. He tells me that he will try and find some extra savings in the boxing day sale list and call me back the following day, he doesn’t.

    Another week passes, it’s now 14th December and he calls back trying to word it so that I’m getting my Kitchen for the amount I paid. Only after 5 minutes of rambling do I realise the £600 extra is still required and I’m getting the KITCHEN for the price I paid, not the INSTALLATION. Even at the last step they tried to con me.

    On telling him that I still can’t pay any extra because I don’t have it, he tells me that he’s going to have to cancel my order.

    This is Wren.

  4. marco says:

    rude bad customer service worst ever experience never again

    would never use or recommend anyone to use this company as keep moving the goal post and have just accused me of lying …..and calling a member of staff a joke ….when what i said was that the whole situation was a joke ….. i wonder how long till this post gets reported and deleted to …..lets see ooo and they reported this as well …. well done wrens twice reported
    after walking in to wrens show room a picking the kitchen we loved the designer sat us down and gave as a run through of all the stuff we were getting and dates …..in the conversation i asked him after we have got our carpenter to install the kitchen when can when can we expect the granite top to be templated and delivered as there was a time constraint, in his words . give us a call with in 5 days some one will be out to template it and 5 to 7 working days later they will fit it .me and the wife look at one another agreed on price and dates as it suited the dates we were after and paid for it .happy days .OR NOT.
    kitchen was delivered and i have to say both delivery blokes were amazing .very polite chatty and very careful unloading the kitchen .after they were finished gave them a tip for the hard work . so far so good .
    got my carpenter to install the kitchen …for 900 poounds and it looks amazing wrens quote 3200 .must think i was born yesterday.
    when kitchen was installed i dedided to call wrens and tell them base units are in can we have someone to come out and templat for the granite top….the voice at the other end said ring rotherhams .to my surprise .so i did .they told me template cant be done to till the 16th of dec and fitting not till mid january ….i was not happy and told them what sales man had told me ….she said ring wrens if you have a problem ….and i did..when rang wrens and told them about the dates given and what sales man had told me the womans reply was (do you have that in writing) first time they basically accused me of lying indirectly then i said dates are unacceptable can i speak to a manager , when spoke to the manager she said dates are what you were given take it or leave it …thats when i said ( this situation is a joke) she replied with you are getting irate i will terminate this call) mind boggling …..when i rang costumer services had to wait 40 minutes to speak to someone about my problem when i did and she looked at my account she said manager had accused me of calling her a joke ….when i did not i said the whole situation was a joke ….implying i am lying again …nice wrens. to the point of endless phone calls and even pointed out the advert on facebook get your kitchen before christmas …what a load of BEEP .. they did not budge and said i was never told that by sales man .so i told them refund me the money for granite top i will go and get it from somewhere else. 3250 pounds for a top the whole kitchen was 11k you would think they would treat you better …..oooo no i ordered the granite from our local suppliers and it will be templated before xmas and will befitted on the 3rd of january …so no complete kitchen for xmas as sales man promised with dates . nothing but stress they never call you back and call customers liars . from previous online reviews other people were promised granite tops with in 5 days was not just me . so WRENs thanks for ruining christmas diner hope you lot are all pleased .
    they blocked me from facebook and deleted all my posts cause other people started joyning in with complaints and have deleted 2 of my reviews on here cause they dont like listening to the truth once they have your money you are nothing but a number to them. never will walk in to another wrens show room and would advise anyone who wants a kitchen to do the same as it will be nothing but stress endless phone calls emails delays and rudeness and implying customers are liars .NEVER AGAIN.
    P.S saved 800 pounds ordering the granite top from our local friendly suppliers
    and when asked wrens if i was going to be compensated for the stress time waste and broken promises they just washed their hands . disgusting way to behave …..just been in touch with trading standerds and watchdog …..as there is other feedbacks online that back promises made by sales staff to customers when they know dam well its not going to happen . but once they have your money is not like as if they are bothered …
    no appoligy no phone calls no composition no customer service appalling disgusting service from the lot at wrens

  5. DocZ says:

    I have recently bought bedroom furniture from Wren , their customer service is appalling and staffed by a team of 16 year olds. They have limited delivery slots so it took 2 months for my items to be delivered and they refused to take heavy furniture upstairs eventhough the instore advisor said they would. So now I am left with a giant dresser blocking my entrance hall. Nice products but their customer service is a joke.

    • Frances says:

      We bought a kitchen from Wren and from day one it’s been horrendous. When the kitchen did finally arrive we had faults, over a month later it still hasn’t been rectified. I have contacted their head office nearly every day and get told different stories. The Colchester branch are useless. There have been numerous calls to them, who say the same thing time again ( yes I will deal with it a d call you back today.
      I am at my wits end ad what to do.!!!

  6. Vicki culling says:

    Don’t do it! We bought our kitchen from Wren in January. They pride themselves on their service – free kitchen measuring with design which we had. Yet when the kitchen arrived we realised that the cupboards would finish in the middle of the window! I complained to the local store who said that despite the error being theirs that there is a clause that says that you should have the measurements checked by your kitchen fitter before its delivered. Even though they have measured it and designed it!! What’s the point then?!!! They asked us to contact head office to sort the matter out and we had to foot the bill for the alterations for their design mistake! I’m furious. We didn’t have an apology from the guy at Wren who made the error, they wouldn’t even deal with the problem and referred us to head office & even head office charged us for their mistake. I think it’s disgusting. I’ve since heard lots of other horror stories about Wren. We also had damaged doors which they did replace. We also had a dinning table ordered which again arrived damaged – it took 3 weeks for them to collect the table and after a week still no refund and on chasing them I now have to await a cheque. So you can see that I would NOT recommend Wren and advise that you buy elsewhere.

    • claire Ratnayake says:

      I totally agree I would discourage anyone out there from buying a wren kitchen. The product chips easily and the fitters are cowboys
      The customer service is non-existent and the head office is unprofessional and they cant measure correctly
      I’m surprised they have not gone bust. we had a kitchen delivered in May and it is still not complete. They sent a fitter in who was terrible who brought along his mate who was an IT technician out of work and a 17 year old kid to fit it to earn some pocket money. They were sacked after intense complaining !
      Do not touch them with a barge pole they are a disaster company to deal with
      Big word of warnig !!!

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