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Rating: 2.4/5 (507 votes cast)

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Wren Kitchens Contact Details:

Wren Kitchens Website: WrenKitchens.com

Wren Kitchens Ltd,

Ferry Road, Howden,
North Humberside,
DN14 7UW

General Enquiries: 0845 404 1000

About Wren Kitchens

Wren is Britain’s fastest growing kitchen company – one of Britain’s retail success stories, with a phenomenal record of growth and a roll out of new stores that has seen them become a market sector leader in a relatively short space of time.

Wren Kitchens supply fully assembled quality kitchen cabinets at flat pack prices. Fully built kitchen units mean considerably fewer boxes than flat pack kitchens and no missing parts, with each cabinet being built to order. It also speeds up the construction time of a kitchen project meaning your kitchen is completed quicker with less disruption in your home.

The name Wren Kitchens may be new, but the team who bring you Wren Kitchens have been leading the way in kitchen manufacturing in the UK and US for 35 years.

Wren Kitchen Stats

Market Position: Mid Market
Kitchen Unit Quality: good
Price Fitted: from £4000
Supply Only: yes

Designer Training: yes
Designer Qualifications: no
Designer Status: employed with bonuses
Commission rate: n/a

Wren Kitchens Reviews and Ratings

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Rating: 2.4/5 (507 votes cast)
Wren Kitchens Reviews, 2.4 out of 5 based on 507 ratings

54 User Reviews and Comments - Wren Kitchens Reviews

  1. Has your one been sorted out yet as my daughter having mega problems sounds like same issues install started 2/12/14 promised in time for Christmas still uncomlplete due to bodge fitter finally after shouting at managing directors office they have finally cleared the rubbish that was all over the property like it was a derelict house and was left like it all over Christmas. My son also had same problem with his kitchen over a year ago. I also had the same problems with mt bedroom over a year ago.

  2. Has anyone involved with wren kitchens looked on the back of their catalogue of kitchen there’s an address for the ombudsman, has anyone tried this approach and if so how did they get on, would like to know. Think we should all unite on this and go to the T.V or something think we all need to show every one what a bad company they actually are,I would like to have this kitchen taken out and sent back,and hopefully have my deposit back,and yes the show rooms are impressive they are actually put together correctly,thier fitters do electrics woodwork and plumbing can a joiner actually do all this, they have even damaged our new floor as well, we have to have another one put down can’t see them doing it just sick of the whole thing.

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